The Company NZ was established in 2010 and has since been the leading street dance organisation in Wellington, providing a platform for aspiring and established dancers to thrive and achieve their dreams. 

Registered as Springboard Arts Charitable Trust, our mission is to Launch People Forward through dance. Helping young people to enhance their dance ability while learning valuable personal skills to help them throughout life. We do this through creating a positive, nurturing, inclusive family environment for dancers from the age of 3.  

Our programmes enable a clear development pathway during your time with The Company NZ. Beginners can transition in to our advanced level programme (Academy); Aspiring choreographers can develop their capability through our Canvas programme; Aspiring tutors are nurtured to become tutors – all our tutors have gone through our development pathway; Performers can enhance their performance skills through public performances and local, national, international competitions.

We are renowned for our culture and our high performing, fun environment which has seen us win multiple medals at local, national and world hip hop dance championships. Dancers who have come through The Company NZ have gone on to pursue careers in teaching, back up dancing for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, coach dance troops, travel internationally as choreographers.

Whatever stage you are at with your dancing, there is a place for you at The Company NZ.